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Assisted Living Facilities

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Assisted Living Facilities (ALF) are a welcomed alternative to nursing homes for many families. However, there are issues which arise with these facilities and expose their owners to liability. The most common problem, I have seen in the cases I have handled, are that the needs change for the resident and the ALF is no longer able to adequately provide for the needs of the individual yet the ALF continues to allow the resident at the facility and the ALF continues to receive a large monthly check. For example, the resident’s dementia advances to needing constant help with their daily living activities or the resident receives an injury which makes them unable to care for themselves. The ALF is responsible for telling the family members when they can no longer meet the needs of the resident.

I recently ran across Assisted Living Facilities Position Statement Health Care Systems Committee, American Geriatrics Society.

This position statement is a good review for anyone considering an ALF. It outlines the issues that arise with these facilities and could identify good issues for people to discuss with the facilities.